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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  October 14, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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i'm able to see a doctor that i love. i'm protected and i'm covered. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. and i'm making it on my own. over one million people ha enrolled in health insurance through covered california. soon, you can join them. being trapped alone in a cash crashed in a remote area for 17 hours. the the woman's card plunge off a ravine and nobody could find her although her service has two alerts but a quit thinking officer found a solution. first how is she doing? >> i am told she does have some injuries to her abdomen and she is in stable condition.
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right new she is inside san jose regional medical center getting x-rays and tests. here is video from earlier after she was rescued. she was property here in a coast guard helicopter. doctors wheeled her into the emergency room. the woman was fund 500' down a ravine on mount hamilton. california highway patrol said the car want down the embankment yesterday and she spend the night there and they were alerted by onstar but were given the wrong location and send the wrong area. the woman's family reported her missing. officers want to the house and an officer found her ipad and it was locked but he was able to crack the password and used the "find my phone" feature and that led them to the location in a ravine off mount hamilton. the sheriff was called and the woman was rescued this morning. >> they had planned developed, the first plan was to have her
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hoisted out with the coast guard cog helicopter. thing is plan was set up a hauling system to hauler up the embankment. the first plan ended up working and she was transported. >> the woman's name has not been released but she 28 years old from campbell. police say they expect she will survive. they say show was responsive when she was rescued. police in san jose are looking for the hit-and-run driver who killed a woman and drove off. the woman was struck walking at north 33rd at 8:00 p.m. the woman was found if the street with major injuries and died at the hospital. the driver was a woman in a light colored s.u.v. the driver is under arrest for hit-and-run accident after this crash into a taxicab in san francisco hitting the cab around
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3:30 and took off running. they were arrested a few blocks away. a passenger in each car was taken to the hospital where non-life threatening injuries. >> backups in delay he after a big rig overturned. the driver of the rent a truck said he fell asleep at the wheel as he drove westbound near the highway 37 exit and he crashed. a few minutes later a woman in a honda ran into the truck. she is expected to be okay. the westbound lanes re-opened after 7:00 this morning. by then traffic was backed up to fairfield and the commute on westbound 80 was a mess. a huge backup on northbound interstate 280 in daly city after this at&t utility van rolled over at alameda boulevard. the van was uprooted and moved to the side. >> new details of an emergency landing involving an american airlines jet that took off from san francisco for dallas yesterday.
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the passenger captured the images showing the superior panels and the cabin detached and, supposing insulation. the malfunctioned air ducts were blamed and the cabin never lost pressurization. the flight returned to san francisco as a precaution and passengers who were not rebacked yesterday showed up at sfo this morning to leave. some were still jittery. >> very scary. year. not sure if we would make it. a little rare the we made it. >> experts say there was in cause for concern. the superior walls have nothing to do with the structure of plane. they are this so you do not is to look at the bear metal airframe. we hearing from the texas nurse treated for ebola virus in dallas. nina pham is doing well and thanks everyone for wishes and priors. health officials are trying to figure how she was infected carrying for thomas eric duncan
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and in spite of wearing full protective december, thomas eric duncan died last weak. also, a 56-year-old u.n. employee whose contracted ebola has died in germany at the hospital. he was working in liberia. he tested positive october 6 and died early this morning. a man working for the world health organization was taken to germany for treatment and now is recovering. facebook c.e.o. zuckerberg and his we have have made a $25 million donation to the centers for disease control to help dress the epidemic. the money will be used by the centers for disease control for prevention to help with the response an the world. zuckerberg's grant was after a $9 million by microsoft co-unfoer, paul -- co-founder, paul allen. you can get breaking news with our apple app and google play which is free to download.
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the gates are opening at at&t park as giant pants arrive for the first of three games to be played, at home, for the national league. the cry amendments and cardinals are tied at one game each and our reporter is at at&t park. the weather has contained in the last sure, it is gray cloppeds and sprinkle or two and wind and i was asking the players as they left the field from the batting practice, i was told by a player "we are ready," so are the fans. crews worked to make the field perfect for playoff for some fans is more about runs and hits and errors. >> i am been a giants fan since i watched willie mays so i brought my two boys. >> the season ticket holders are
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here and bringing enthusiasm and opinions. >> i was unhappy with that last home run. the gives fed to start hitting a little bit more. >> and the playoff price tags, jack spent $225 on this jersey, $850 on tickets today and tomorrow and flew in from australia. >> i come just if the games. >> the fans are feeling confident the giants will when this series. >> it is all about not being jittery and nervous. we have learned that the giants are not nervous. >> players were confident and realistic headed and game throw. >> at? stage, they are all important. you never like to not win one but, obviously, we are playing a very good team and they are
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evenly matched. they are all important. we want to try and win them all and finish this up. >> that be nice. here are the opponents, cardinals have budgeting practice right now at at&t park where the sky has turned grave and a few sprinkles are coming down and everyone and hoping the weather will hold. the members of the grateful dead will sing the national anthem. they are giants fans. their bass coach will play with them. the game is scheduled at 1:00 o'clock disaster time. the next big games are at home as we mentioned. today at 1:07. games four and five, tomorrow and thursday start at 5:00 p.m. and games six and seven if needed are back in st. louis. >> you saw what was happening with amy hollyfield.
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will the weather cooperate? rain drops on the windshield and meteorologist mike nicco has a first look at the forecast at the ballpark. >> a favorable area with just enough moisture and you can see what happens in the one isolated area. amy has it nailed. i am watching the winds blow the flags, dropping the temperatures and the low-to-mid 60's and once in a while i feel drizzle fly by but don't worry, i confident even with the chance of a light sure or two, the forecast is still not going to be a rain out at at&t park. just dress for temperatures in the mid-60 ander going to look at, headed deeper into the forecast, a chance of steady rain as we move into the evening and overnight hours so tomorrow the commute could be affected most of all. the measurable rain is where cheryl showed us or above 1,900'
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in berkeley hills and mount tamalpais. >> san francisco workers at the port are holding a one-day strike with hundreds walking off the jobs this morning saying court management is bargaining in bagged faith. officials believe a strike is unlawful under the current contract with the local she 21 because it capitalled a "no strike," provision but they say courtrooms will remain open. >> hillary clinton people talk at the sales force annual convention with a message to the crowd. >> anchors aweigh, san francisco saysed if by to the uss america after a very eventful threat week.
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>> firefighters are not wasting time trying to knock down a fire in marin county, burning along sir francis drake boulevard. crews got call of smoke at 7:30 this morning and local firefighters are trying to put it out believed to have burned continue acres and they have it at 30 percent contained. day two of the technical joy -- giant dream force in san francisco with hillary clinton delivering the speech at mascone
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center and jonathan is tweeting out pictures this is showing tight security with the stage set for the hillary clinton key note and 160' away from the media. hillary clinton did not answer the long-standing question on whether she has made up her mind own 2016 presidential bid. our technology reporter is standing by tweeting that event. float week is over and the united states ship has left san francisco and it was commissioned on saturday at pier 32 by the secretary of navy and the ship provided tours for movie than 15,000 visits sailors and manies also participated in community ouch reach events at local schools. the uss america is the 4th with the name but the first of its class. meteorologist mike nicco will have more on the forecast. on the roof the drizzle has dissipated and i will give you a
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timetable on the steady rain and how much to expect and the wins of change is dropped our temperatures up to 14 degrees in some areas and i will tell uh-huh much cooler with a couple more chances of rain after tonight. an specificant mom stirs up controversy with her cross fit routine. should she work out days before she is due?
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covering benicia, san ramon, san mateo and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. a mom is stirring up a firestorm for doing intense cross fit
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workouts until days before the baby was born and these are pictures that have people talking about it. she was nine months pregnant and still doing a grueling cross fit workout including strenuous lifting and started doing cross fit two years ago when she became pregnant with the second child she saw in reason to quit. >> for women who are at this level of physical fitness before pregnancy, they can listen to their bodies and safely continue to work out at that level law their entire pregnancy under the supervision of their health provider. >> being areth is not being sick. she suffered terrible morning sickness during the first pregnancy but felt wonderful during this one as she continued her cross fit routine until four days before delivering. she delivered a healthy baby by two weeks ago. >> really good shape. my goodness. >> no philipine fat for her. >> now, how is the weather? >> it feels different.
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you can feel the humidity. you can feel the coolness and the clouds. mostly, they are holding on to the moisture but for the favorite areas where the southwest wind butts up against the hills and mountains and creates the rain. here is what was going on earlier as sky 7 glue from daly city to san francisco. you will see the rain drops headed through the afternoon. we will look at live doppler hd and you can see a line developing off the mendocino county coast and moving to the southwest along the cold front. so far, the will vacation rain to drizzle with the showers and the possibility of thunderstorms which will stay up north. we are just going to get light rain and drizzle overnight and
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check owe the wind blowing in from the south at 22 miles per hour at sfo and 28 at fairfield and that is why we are so much cooler today. that and the lack of sunshine. look how fast the winds are blowing with wave clouds developing over bay area. the secret stream is coming right over the top of us now. if anyone is trying to lend or take off, it could be bumpy. we have reached accident in antioch, livermore, and mountain view. we are not going higher than this. we will go low-to-mid 70's in the south bay and los gatos is 90 or 91 today and today only 74. we everyone 90 in redwood city and today 72. mid-60 along the coast. possibly to 66 downtown and 67 in south san francisco and low-to-mid 60's along the north bay coast and mid-to-upper 60's through the valleys and mid-60's around berkeley and rich monday to low 70's and castro valley is the exception at 73 and we will touch the mid-70's inland east bay after reaching the low 90's. tonight, it will be mild with
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mid-to-upper 50's with the steady rain moving through on the cold front. it is. coming down and not a lot of moisture and it is spinning a lot of energy trying to round the area of high pressure so for sure all of us will be cooler and how about the isolated showers, they are where you can see the southwest wind blowing in the daytime with a better chance of drizzle to light rain and tomorrow during the commute most of our streets will be slick by noon and it automatic starts to taper and it will leave us less than .1" but for the southwest facing favorite areas along the coast where we will get quarter-mileer of an inch and friday note into saturday and a third chance open monday, fall is here to stay with 60's at the coast and upper 60 to mid-70's around the bay and inland. it will be a long-term before we see 90's again, possibly march or april. the sons have changed. remember, you cannot take an
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umbrella, but the game will go on. >> not that it will rain on our parade. on friday we will mark a milestone, a somber milestone, 25 years since 15 seconds that changes the bay area when the loma prieta hit. i was anchoring and we were the first news organization to she the extent of the dam. we are running on generator power. we have a chopper at the bay bridge. are we seeing pictures? we are looking at a live picture of the damage to the bay bridge an expire section of the bay bridge has been lost. very, very frightening situation. we understand that there have been cars trapped and i am getting late bulletins. >> part of the upper deck has
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collapseed. >> never could seat pictures because we did not have working man tores. he was working with me, our late friend anchor wilson pete wilson was on the field weapon they were playing in the third inning of the world series. i am hosting this on friday at 6:30 right here and i hope you can join us. we have memories about that place as well. >> i remember crossing the bay bridge an hour before and we saw part of it collapsed we turned to you and everyone at abc7, and everyone was so calm. it strikes me a generation of people don't even know it happened. they have no awareness so it is good to share this living
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scoring halloween candy. san francisco is number one according to zillow. san francisco is the best city in the country for serious candy hunters. four years in a row. zillow breaks it down by neighborhood including presidio heights. san jose is number five, including rose garden and blossom valley. zillow looks for areas giving out the most candy with the least walking and people buy homes looking at school, would has the good schools and the best candy. for all of us, thanks for joining us. we leave you with a gorgeous shot of san francisco. have a great
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